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Serra Da Estrela PDO Soft Cheese

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With its smooth, clean and slightly acidic bouquet, the Serra da Estrela PDO Soft Cheese produced by Quinta da Lagoa is a delight to the senses.

The true flavour of Serra da Estrela, with the PDO label of certified protected origin, reflecting both the source and the quality of the milk, production controls and its authenticity. 

Approximate  weight: 900gr (+-75gr)

Serra Da Estrela PDO Matured Cheese

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Produced from unpasteurised sheep’s milk, and with a hard and uniform form, the flavour of Serra da Estrela PDO Matured Cheese from Quinta da Lagoa is raised by the curing process that only time can undertake.

There is no rush when dealing with the purest flavour of the Serra da Estrela mountains. This is where the value of time gains in expression; in the unparalleled excellence of a unique cheese.

Approximate weight: 700gr (+-75gr)